New 1170E Wheeled Harvester

Harvesting Equipment


The 1170E represents a new size class for harvesters and benefits from a purpose built boom, transmission and harvesting head, solely designed to meet the application of this unit.

High tractive effort through the new 24.5" tyres, impressive lifting forces from the new CH6 boom and unrivalled aggression from the new H414 harvesting head make the 1170E the perfect choice for thinning and early regeneration harvesting operations. Intelligence comes from the Timbermatic control system whilst the automatic rotating & levelling operator's station ensures your operators remain productive and comfortable throughout the working day.

Key Features & Specs

  • Purpose-built CH6 boom for impressive lifting force
  • Power and precision with a choice of harvester heads
  • Intelligent control
  • Comfortable operator environment
Work pump 160 cc
Boom reach 10/11,3 m
Engine power 194 hp
Harvester head options H752HD, H754, H412, H414
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