New 400E Loader

Compact Loaders
Key Features
  • Compatible with 4M and 4R Series Tractors
  • Rigid mounted with parking kit available
  • Easy maintenance points keeps you on the job
  • 1,760 pounds (800 kg) lift capacity

More Info


End-of-pin lubrication means easy maintenance
Close up of grease fittingClose up of grease fitting
Pivot point grease fitting locations (400X shown)Pivot point grease fitting locations (400X shown)

All pivot points on the loader have grease fittings that are accessible from the side of the loader to make greasing the loader much easier, ensuring that all grease points are more likely to be serviced.  No more searching for grease points that are hard to find.  Removing the grease gun from the grease fitting is not a problem as sufficient radius has been left to allow the grease gun tip to be rotated to the side for removal from the fitting.

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