New 2620 Three- and Five-Section Tandem Disks

Tillage Equipment


The essential first step in your planting program

The 2620 Disk is ideal for loosening the top 3 to 5 inches of soil. Not only will the soil warm faster, it also helps your planter place seeds precisely for maximum germination. Models start at 20'9" - a perfect size for the 6R Series Tractors. To cover your acreage as quickly as possible, use your 9R Series Tractor to pull the wide-working 49-foot, 3-inch model.

Key Features & Specs

  • Perfect for light to medium soils, seedbed prep
  • Ten widths from 20'9" to 49'3"
  • Easy-to-tension 2-in. gang bolts
  • Hydraulic fore/aft leveling
Working depthUp to 5 in.
Blade spacing7.25- and 9-in.
Min. hp requirement182
Blade size22- or 24-in.
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