New 2623VT Vertical Tillage

Tillage Equipment


A new angle to vertical tillage productivity

Vertical Tillage Chart

See the difference for yourself. Other vertical tools (shallow gang angle) can leave a wavy, washboard effect unsuitable for a proper seedbed. The 2623VT implement has an aggressive gang angle to help anchor residue, manage weeds and root balls, and create an even, smooth seedbed under the topsoil.

With a 21° angle on the front gang and 19° angle on the rear gang, the all-new 2623VT delivers aggressive sizing and chopping ability in tough residue in fall - while helping create an ideal seedbed in the spring.

Its hefty front spherical blades effectively chop thick corn stalk residue to the right size, manage weeds and root balls, and remove field ruts. Its wavy rear blades deliver maximum vertical residue soil mixing, soil aeration and residue anchoring to give you the most mixture for your money.

Key Features & Specs

  • Gang angle 21° Front/19° Rear
  • Patented three-position hydraulic rolling basket
  • Five widths from 26'5" to 40'8"
  • Easy-to-tension 2-in. gang bolts
Blade spacing7.25 in.
Working depthUp to 3 in.
Min. hp requirement238
Operating speed7 to 10 mph (11.3 to 16.1 km/h)
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