New 5075GV-5075GN Tractor

Specialty Tractors


The 5075GV and 5075GN are Final Tier 4 compliant tractors built to get you into tight spots you face in your orchard, vineyard or vegetable farm. The 5GV is the narrower of the two, featuring working widths down to 43 inches. And the tight turning radius on the 5GN helps keep you more productive while the weight, hydraulic power and PTO punch gives you the power you need to handle bigger jobs.

Key Features & Specs

  • Perfect for the narrower rows producers are moving toward to conserve water
  • Working widths of 49.5” for the 5GN and 43” for the 5GV
  • FT4 75 hp engines/61 hp PT
  • Two transmissions available: 12F/12R and 24F/12R
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